A Body In Balance
A Body In Balance
The Body In Balance, Makes Life Easier
The Body In Balance, Makes Life Easier

Gregory Mayfield is just a wonderful human being. And, he happens to be amazing at his craft as a rolfer, as well.

He has very gifted hands and can go extremely deep in his massage techniques and, yes, it can be painful at times, but he will absolutely go as light as you need him to go for you to be comfortable. Going deep into the muscles and tissue is common with rolfing massage 'coz that is what breaks up the tightness and restriction and allows you to move more freely once the tissue starts loosening up.

He has helped me by working on my scalene muscles, neck, shoulder & back muscles, chest, and armpits regions. I have TOS--thoracic outlet syndrome--and his techniques have helped loosen up some of the tightness, tension, and areas of restricted movement.

He has extensive experience as a therapist so he is naturally an amazing listener, as well, and for me, the session feels like part massage - part therapy - which is great 'coz we have had many awesome convos and some breakthroughs! ;) If you're not big into talking though while he is working on you, just say so and I'm sure he'd be happy to respect that so you can relax in peace while you're getting your massage.

Seriously, Gregory is a wonderful person. So generous in spirit, kind in heart, hard-working, and wonderful at what he does. Highly recommended!!!


Lauren F. Concord, CA 8/31/2015


I can't say enough great things about GREGORY MAYFIELD!

I randomly found him via a Google search, as I was looking for a massage therapist who specializes in sports related injuries in my area.  WHAT A FIND!!!!!!  I have been seeing Gregory for nearly a year, and although I started seeing him for shoulder pain related to poor posture + lifting weights (crossfit), over the course of the year he has returned me back to health and mobility, and ultimately, to my one true love.......RUNNING!!  


With running focused sessions with Gregory and stretching/mobility exercises at home, in the course of 6 weeks, I started running 18 minutes, up to 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES!!!!!  

Gregory is an ultimate healer, in every sense of the world.  As a former psychotherapist, he also values the importance of healing MIND AND BODY.  

Gregory first believed in me, and now I BELIEVE in me.  I am currently training for a half marathon, my first in nearly 7 years.  I owe all of my success to Gregory, I would recommend him to ANYONE!!!  


Words cannot express my gratitude to you Gregory.  You have made me a RUNNER again!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  :)


Amanda D. Pleasant Hill, CA 3/16/2015


Gregory is my go-to bodyworker!

I'm a massage therapist, a part-time student, martial artist and a rock climber, so I have chronic neck, shoulder and back pain/stiffness which Gregory is always able to alleviate in one session.  

Before starting each session, he sits down with me for a chat on what's going on in my life that might affect my level of tension. He focuses on my areas of limited mobility and movements that cause me pain. Sometimes I'll demonstrate a motion or show my typical posture so that he can better assess my issues.

I have seen Gregory for the 30-, 60- and 90-minute sessions, and in every session the very deep bodywork begins without much warm-up. This is not feel-good, fluffy bodywork. The 30-minute is good if you have one or two areas in mind; the 60-minute is a brief, deep 'hello' to each muscle group/joint; the 90-minute is a bit longer on each area, with extra focus on a specific area of tension if necessary.

Before my first session, Gregory made sure to communicate that this is NOT your typical Swedish massage intended for relaxation. His style is more results-oriented, aimed towards relieving pain/stiffness/limited mobility. Results: I typically  feel the full benefits of the bodywork a day or two after my session, after the bruised-muscle feeling wears away. I feel stronger, looser, and more efficient in how I move. As an active person, it's all I could ask for.


Sarah D.  Walnut Creek, CA 5/30/2012


Not only WOULD I recommend Gregory to anyone who might benefit from bodywork or Rolfing, but I actually HAVE recommended him to several people and can only say Gregory is awesome!

I'm enthusiastic enough about the results I've seen that these other recommendations were just random people I met at the gym who seemed to be suffering from various ailments... I therefore thought it was finally time to write a Yelp review to let more people know about his services.

I keep pretty active and first went to Gregory when I had acute achilles tendonitis following a 20-mile trail running event and weekly 10 to 12 mile runs through San Francisco. I had read everything I could find about this condition but nothing seemed to work. Finally on some triathlete site I found a reference to rolfing and made an appointment with Gregory.

Amazingly, it turned out that my achilles issue had nothing to do with my calves. Those muscles were indeed tight and needed a lot of work, but the core issue turned out to be something totally unrelated. Gregory takes a "whole body" approach and was like a bulldog in trying to find the cause of my problem. Once he told me what the issue was I gave it a try. It was an instant difference and I was able to return to full running that same day. Further, the tendonitis was gone within three weeks (after bothering me for four months).

I have not seen any other bodyworkers or rolfers but Gregory has consistently provided great results with various muscles that are completely locked up from overuse and/or mis-use. He is very strong, has a good touch, and seems to really know his stuff in terms of which muscles or fascial areas are causing the problem and how to apply pressure and reshape them so they go back to normal.

I truly appreciate the way Gregory takes an honest interest in helping me, going way above and beyond in his efforts to study my unique situation and understand the root causes. I've seen chiropractors and various MDs in the past but nobody has ever been an "investigator" the way Gregory is. I continue seeing Gregory for bodywork as issues come up and it is always a big help.

Also, in case this is important to you, Gregory does not pressure you at all to "sign up for ten sessions" or do an expensive up-front evaluation. There's none of that stuff and you won't at all feel like it's all about the money. He is a great guy, easy to talk to, fun to work with, who has your best interest at heart.


Bret B. Lafayette, CA 4/29/2012


Gregory is one of the best bodyworkers!  His approach is deeper work for structural changes.  He sits down with you prior to each session and takes his time to discuss what your problem areas are. He also looks at your body posture.  Gregory is great at giving you suggestions as well.  I go to Gregory when my muscles are severly tight because I know he will release that tightness in one session. Gregory is awesome so go see him.. no "fluff" sessions here.


Tracey S.  Walnut Creek, CA 6/29/2011


Sarah Spelt - Pacific Coast Trail Runs

Hi, Gregory -

Well, you cured my piriformis issues! Seriously, I completed the 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail after all your work on me, and it's never bothered me since. Not driving, not running, not sitting at my desk - you're amazing!


Nancy Michelli

I just wanted to let you know that I was truly pleased with the deep tissue/Rolfing massage that I received today. I haven't had a massage that great for many years! I'm delighted to have found you and to know that you are so conveniently located for me. I already feel like my body has much less tightness in many areas and I am looking forward to more work. Thanks so much!
2st. Session: Thank you for the great work! I really didn't expect so much improvement
from only two sessions. I am extremely pleased. I will see you next week,


Jim Karanas - Trainer, Coach & Program Director for Club One Fitness Centers

The massage was great! It's great to know a theapist like you is so accessible.


Jackie Tocher - Teacher

I have been going to see Gregory for bodywork sessions for over a year and have been pleased with the results. I came to Gregory because I was experiencing pain in my right shoulder (Rotator Cuff Pain) and had very little (Range of Motion in my Neck) to turn my head and for over-all tension in my body. The session provides me with the freedom of full range of motions in my neck and shoulder that I have not experienced for years. Gregory suggested some exercises I could do on my own to help the conditions which I found very helpful. I have noticed considerable improvement in my shoulders since I have been seeing him.

Gregory often has bits of information, which are relevant to improving my flexibility in general. He has taken the time to show me easy techniques for improving my overall health and wellbeing. Every time I see Gregory, I leave there feeling relaxed and soothed. I also find him very friendly and I enjoy his company.

Robert McKinnon - Social Worker

I have known Gregory since July 2004. Before I met Gregory I was in chronic back spasms and pain which I have suffered for many years. My back muscles ached as well as a stiff neck and headaches. After I've been treated by Gregory's therapeutic bodywork, my symptoms have been improved gradually. Gregory helped me with my lower back pain by supplying me with much needed peace and relaxation. Because of his educational instructions and regular maintenance with stretching, I learn how to stay in touch with my own body.

Gregory's skillful structural deep tissue work has been the key factor in keeping my pain in check with lasting relief for longer periods than ever before. This is what I have learned through Gregory's work. I have had many bodyworker therapists over the years; Gregory has proven to be the best of the best. Without hesitation I would recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic muscle, back or neck pain.

Steve Bonacich - Information Technology

I'm subject to (Migraine or Tension Headaches) that can be quite debilitating when they occur. Since beginning monthly bodywork sessions with Gregory a year ago, the frequency and severity of the headaches have greatly diminished. He's familiar with many deep tissue modalities, and has suggested many helpful techniques I can use between the sessions. I highly recommend his services!
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